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Introductory to Awakening Empty Introductory to Awakening

Post  Kairu on Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:19 pm

Twelves mighty Spirits..... One planet..... One fate.....

Long ago, a mighty war was waged between the twelve spirits, eleven to one.....

Their comrade had betrayed them and attempted to claim Lineus for himself.....

Somehow he became too powerful for even all eleven Spirits to take down, so they sealed him and his followers away.....

It is now 2000 years later..... and a young man from the village of Valure must now fight alongside others like himself and stop the new threat that has exposed itself to Lineus that threatens to destroy everyone and everything. Will the boy be able to overcome his sadness at the loss of his family, and fight to protect the planet as the eleven spirits once have?

Whether he can accomplish this task or not..... he must try.....

For little does he know..... his Destiny has been decided for him the moment he touched that sword..... the sword that seemingly started it all.....


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