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Post  Kairu on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:06 pm

This book is copyright (c) Protected from 2008 and rightfully belongs to myself and the people who have helped make the series over the past 4 years. I plan to publish it one day so any distribution of this work MUST be approved by me. The following sites are authorized to have this series posted on their website: (No I am not giving away my Facebook information, please do not ask)

If found on any site other than the above listed, due to Copyright (c) protection laws, I may press charges against any and all offenders.

All characters in this book are strictly fictional and any resemblance to real-life individuals is coincidental.
The character, Adarian Remora, is a character my friend, (Name will remain anonymous), invented for his own series and has given me some copyright (c) and has allowed me to use his character in the series, Soul Bound, and cannot be used in any other series without expressed permission from him.

This book series is a Fantasy/Adventure genre book

This book series is rated PG-13 for:
-Mild fantasy violence
-Mild profanity


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